The Ann Arbor Jewish Film Festival presents: A Summer of Film, in partnership with the Cinetopia Film Festival and the Michigan Theater Foundation.

Online Film Rental Information

Due to the ongoing public health situation, all films will be offered as online rentals. Instead of buying a ticket, you will rent online access to each film. Each film will have its own rental fee and its own rental period, after which your access to the film will expire. Please plan to watch films shortly after rental.

To rent films, go to the schedule, for the film you would like to rent click the red “find out more” link at the bottom of the description preview, then click the red “rent” button. This will take you directly to the distributor’s rental page. Pages will show words like purchase, unlock, activate, or similar to indicate where to click to rent online access to the film.

Rental links will also be provided via Michigan Theater’s film schedule web pages. Those links will also take you to the distributor’s point of purchase page.

To rent online access to films, you will likely have to do some or all of the following:

1. Create an account or choose a log in option (some platforms allow you to log in using your Facebook or Google accounts).
2. Provide your email address, which is where confirmation and links will be sent.
3. Complete payment information and submit payment.

Please note: There are a wide variety of computing devices which are vehicles for internet access. Whatever type of device you use, we suggest that you install multiple internet browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer are examples of browsers). Film distributors have created or partnered with a variety of online screening platforms over which neither we nor the Michigan Theater have any control. Each of those platforms works differently, and hence, may work better on one browser than another.

For technical assistance on how to watch your rental on your television, click here.

We hope you will also consider becoming an Ann Arbor Jewish Film Festival sponsor to help us continue to bring films of Jewish topics and Jewish filmmakers to Ann Arbor.

The full A2JFF schedule and information is available at


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