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Once again, for the 2020 festival, sponsorships will include the option to attend all AAJFF and all Cinetopia films. New this year, some sponsor levels include additional Cinetopia benefits. You will need to manually enter the amount of your chosen sponsorship when you arrive at the donation page by clicking “other” and entering the amount. Thank you.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Film Star:  $25,000

  • 20 VIP Passes

Studio Founder:  $10,000

  • 10 VIP Passes

Studio Executive: $5,000

  • 8 VIP Passes

Executive Producer: $2,500

  • 6 VIP Passes

Producer: $1000

  • 4 Festival Passes

Director: $500

  • 2 Festival Passes

Cinematographer: $250

  • 1 Festival Pass

Cast Member: $180

  • 1 Movie Pass

Movie Fan: any gift under $180

For corporate sponsorships outside these levels, please contact Noemi Herzig at [email protected] or (734) 971-0990.

Thank you for supporting the Ann Arbor Jewish Film Festival! Your gift helps share the global Jewish experience through the medium of film with the entire Ann Arbor community. Sponsorship gifts of $180 or more include appreciation passes (quantity and type noted above) which provide the bearer complimentary access to any film from both Cinetopia and the Ann Arbor Jewish Film Festival, as well as one entry to the AAJFF Sponsor Dinner. The Festival Pass adds Cinetopia parties, and the VIP Pass further adds access to the Filmmakers Lounge, first-in-line priority for films, as well as free concessions at select venues.  For more information, visit Cinetopia’s website by clicking here.

Passes may not be shared. Sponsors who would like to gift their pass or who are choosing to receive more than one pass must provide the full name of each individual to whom a pass will be given. Names will appear on all passes, and bearers should be prepared to present a photo ID to confirm that their identity matches that of their pass.

Please note: If you purchase a pass directly from Cinetopia, this does not constitute a sponsorship as the Ann Arbor Jewish Film Festival does not receive any portion of your purchase, nor will the pass include entry to the AAJFF Sponsor Dinner.

Please consult your tax preparation professional to determine what portion of your sponsorship gift may be tax deductible.

For more information about the Ann Arbor Jewish Film Festival or individual or corporate sponsorships, please contact Noemi Herzig at [email protected] or 734-971-0990.