The Jewish Community Center of Greater Ann Arbor thanks the many volunteers, organizations, and individuals who support the Ann Arbor Jewish Film Festival with their gifts of time and resources. To make a gift of support please visit “become a supporter.”

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2018 Ann Arbor Jewish Film Festival Committee

Linda Benson, Chairperson
Brad Axelrod
Leslie Bash
Karen Demetriou
Tom Demetriou
Judith Endelman
Elyssa Koidin-Schmier
Betsy Mark
Jim Morgenstern
Vivian Patraka
Helaine Reid
Marilyn Shore
Maxine Solvay
Jeffrey Tulin-Silver
Charles Weaver

2018 Ann Arbor Jewish Film Festival Supporters

Film Star

Charles and Rita Gelman

Studio Founder

Studio Executive

Michael and Patricia Levine

Executive Producer


Linda Benson
Victor and Valerie Rosenberg


Henry and Harlene Appelman
Brad and Robin Axelrod
Stuart and Heather Dombey
Clifford and Alice Hart
Marysia Ostafin
Art and Mary Schuman

Screenplay Writer

Larry and Susan Adler
Lillian and John Back
Bernard and Barbara Banet
Joan Binkow
Susan Coran
Edward Davidson
Karen Demetriou
Judith and Todd Endelman
Irving and Cynthia Feller
Charles and Janet Garvin
William  and Merrily  Hart
Deborah Keller-Cohen
Pamela and Stephen Landau
Joan Lowenstein and Jonathan Trobe
Betsy Mark
Lauren and Eric Metzendorf
Bruce and Gayle Moyer
Hillary Murt and Bruce Friedman
Sharon  and Charles Newman
Owen and Shiela Perlman
Brian and Margot Schapiro
Joel and Marilyn Shore
Gretta Spier and Jonathan Rubin
Donald and Barbara Sugerman
Roberta and Larry Tankanow
Lisa and Jeffrey Tulin-Silver
Esther Ullman and Morely Witus

Cast Member

Dorit Adler
Carol Amster
Leslie Bash
Ann Epstein
Susan Fisher
Edward and Mona Goldman
Susan Harris
Joan and Melvyn Levitsky
Carmen Ludy
Barry and Elaine Margolis
Helaine Reid
Michael and Peggy Singer
Fran Weinstein
Elise Weisbach

Movie Fan

Fran Martin
Alan and Maxine Solvay

The above list of supporters will be updated as needed.