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Sponsorship Opportunities:

Film Star:  $25,000

  • 20 Festival Passes

Studio Founder:  $10,000

  • 10 Festival Passes

Studio Executive: $5,000

  • 8 Festival Passes

Executive Producer: $2,500

  • 6 Festival Passes

Producer: $1000

  • 4 Festival Passes

Director: $500

  • 3 Festival Passes

Screenplay Writer: $360

  • 2 Festival Passes

Cast Member: $180

  • 1 Festival Passes

Movie Fan: under $180

Donate Now

For corporate sponsorships outside these levels, please contact Karen Freedland at [email protected] or (734) 971-0990.

Thank you for supporting the Ann Arbor Jewish Film Festival. Your gift helps share the global Jewish experience through the medium of film with the entire Ann Arbor community. Sponsorship gifts of $180 or more include appreciation passes which provide the bearer complimentary access to any film as well as any sponsor-only events. Please consult your tax preparation professional to determine what portion of your sponsorship gift may be tax deductible. For more information about the Ann Arbor Jewish Film Festival, individual or corporate sponsorships, please contact Karen Freedland at [email protected] or 734-971-0990.